• Limma Limited, Pili Trading Centre off Old Mombasa Road.

Limma Services

What we offer the Customer:

We recruit a labour force that is specifically assigned to work at your location, creating an opportunity to operate cost-effectively as you are able to match labour vis-a vis-work load ratio. We manage every aspect of the contracted labour.

We are compliant with the requirements of both Kenya Aviation and Kenya Ports requirements on all training, health, safety and quality policies matters.

The Opportunity:

The turbulent nature of today’s business as well as the ever-increasing stringent regulations governing labour present a good opportunity for companies to outsource their workforce. We accord companies the opportunity to trade within Kenyan labour force regulations whilst ensuring they maximise on available resources by only contracting required number of staff per period. As such, outsourcing labour force frees up the company resources to  concentrate on its core competencies.

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