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About Us

Limma is your go to agency for creative labour solutions. Our tried and tested formula ensures that you are able to maximise on the labour component of your product or service cycle thus freeing up your business human capital.

Our Goal


To be recognized as the industry leader in all facets of staff supply solutions and managing engagement related liabilities.

What Drives Us


To design, attract, build and ignite human capital talent with high regard for specific staffing needs.

What we stand for?

Core Values

  • People
  • Empowerment
  • Participation
  • Passion
  • Purpose


In the 21st century, business is volatile and time bound. Though your product or service might be unique to a customer’s specifications, it has a limited shelf life. As such, it is critical that the right product or service is accessible to the client in the most premium condition and without any delays. Conversely, the customer has limited time with which to interact with your product or service, and if you don’t come through on time, on he moves to a competitor’s product or service. Business vagaries might mean that the demand for your product or service fluctuates depending on the season, leaving you with ‘excess’ labour during this ‘low’ or ‘off-peak’ season.

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So, what do you do with the ‘excess’ labour? If you are like most companies, you may resort to rostering up to 30% of your staff to take their annual leave. Still, this measure leaves a good percentage of your labour force under-employed, thus leading to a drain of your company’s resources.   For a business to remain successful and profitable you need to strike a balance such that you have an adequate labour force during the peak season while minimising the labour cost during the off peak season. Considering that Kenyan labour laws require you, as the employer, to enlist an employee on permanent basis once two months have elapsed, achieving this balance might be difficult. This is where we come in.   Limma provides you with specialised casual and contractual labour force that is specific to your requirements. In our undertaking, we strive to manage the human capital variant for your organisation, thus enabling your Human Resource manager concentrate on your core labour force.

Full Client Satisfaction

Its our priority to make sure you are not just satisfied, but you are FULLY satisfied.


We make sure to recruit very professional staff strictly following the goals and needs of your company.


We don’t believe in a one fits all service, we customize it to fit our clients’ individual needs.



We accord companies the opportunity to trade within Kenyan labour force regulations whilst ensuring they maximise on available resources.


We are passionate about having our customers manage their workforce diligently to ensure maximum returns for their investment. By engaging us to manage your labour, you are assured of peace of mind as we will provide you with an adequate and customised labour force as per your needs. Further, we promise to take good care of the labour force in terms of remuneration and benefits such that they are motivated and enthusiastic in their execution of duties. In this, we are guarded by the mantra that ‘a happy workforce is a productive workforce.’ Ours is a flexible company that can meet your industry demands on short notice.

Our Clients

We serve clients across logistics, agricultural, manufacturing and ICT sectors among others.




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