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Welcome to Limma (K) Limited

Limma is your go to agency for creative labour solutions. Our tried and tested formula ensures that you are able to maximize on the labour component of your product or service cycle thus freeing up your business human capital.

What Drives Us?


To design, attract, build and ignite human capital talent with high regard for specific staffing needs.

Our Services

The volatile nature of the business as well as ever-increasing stringent legal rules on labour force present a good opportunity for companies to outsource it’s work force.

What We Offer the Customer

We recruit a labour force that is specifically assigned to work at your location, creating an opportunity to operate cost-effectively as you are able to match labour vis-a vis-work load ratio. We manage every aspect of the contracted labour

Passion for People


The heart of Limma is our staff. We truly believe a company’s work force are her greatest asset, We believe in taking care of our employees so they can take care of your business.




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We serve clients across logistics, agricultural, manufacturing and ICT sectors among others.

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